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Litigation Experience

            Charles A. Brown presently focuses upon commercial litigation and  First Amendment defense in regard to his litigation practice.  He is a sole practitioner and, in that regard, he handles each case himself and does not delegate to others.

            Mr. Brown has been actively involved in litigation since obtaining his law degree in 1977. As a beginning attorney, Mr. Brown was involved in a broad variety of litigation, including criminal defense, personal injury, First Amendment defense, commercial litigation, and a number of other matters.  Over the last decade, the primary emphasis of Mr. Brown’s practice has been commercial litigation and First Amendment defense.  Regardless, Mr. Brown has always felt it was the cross-training he received in representing various individuals and companies in different types of litigation that has provided the foundation upon which his present success rests. Additionally, Mr. Brown feels there is no substitute for the experience that is obtained from “fighting in the trenches” when it comes to actual jury trial experience.

            Over the years Mr. Brown has attended litigation seminars that are general in nature, but also seminars that were defense oriented, and plaintiff oriented, in order to obtain the different perspectives offered by the different points of view.

            Mr. Brown is a graduate of the American Trial Lawyers Association Institute on Advocacy, Court Practice Institute’s National Trial Advocacy, and the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA).

            Some of the notable cases Mr. Brown has been involved with more recently are reflected by the linked opinions.  Other cases are available upon request. 


Litigation Experience

  Empire Lumber Co. v. Thermal  Dynamic Towers
August V. Klaue v. Alan Hern, et al.,
Kathy Carter v. Vig/Vig v. Kathy Carter:
Willis M. Morgan et ux. v. State of Idaho, Department of Public Works, et al.
In the Matter of Contempt of Court by Jim Wright




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